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Online RS232 serial port terminal for all AntiLog units

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The Web Serial API needs to be enabled in your browser.

The currently experimental Web Serial API built into your web browser allows RS232 serial port access using a supported serial port on your local machine. It appears the Web Serial API is not currently enabled in your web browser (or if it is enabled, then it may not available in this web browser version).

Try enabling this feature by copying and pasting the related link shown below into the address bar of your browser and switching the 'Experimental Web Platform features' to 'Enabled'. Note that currently cutting and pasting this link below rather than clicking an active link is required for security reasons.

Chrome → chrome://flags/#enable-experimental-web-platform-features
Opera → opera://flags/#enable-experimental-web-platform-features
Edge → edge://flags/#enable-experimental-web-platform-features
Firefox → (Firefox does not have Web Serial API support built in)

ASLWebTerm is a simple browser based RS232 terminal application designed to display and interact with the menu system built into your AntiLog and AntiLogPro products. Simply connect your product to this device's serial port using a null-modem cable. Click on the 'Connect' button to select the correct serial port adapter to use and then power up your unit in the playback menu mode.
For a full featured RS232 terminal support application, please download and install our AntiTermPro program from this website to allow you to perform data downloads, product upgrades, multi-unit operation and many other product support operations.
The first time you use this browser application, you may be asked to enable experimental features already built into your browser. These features are turned on and off in a special flags page within the browser. Cut and paste the link shown into the browser address bar.
  • If this web application stops working for any reason, please try refreshing the content using the browser's  ↻  reload button and try reconnecting.
  • This application needs the latest Web Serial API to run which is not supported in older web browsers.
  • The frame of the terminal area turns green if it is active and waiting for keyboard input, orange if the serial port connection is still active but the keyboard focus is not in the terminal window, and red if at any time the terminal serial port is not connected.
  • To change serial port settings once connected, click 'Disconnect' first, then choose the new settings required and then click 'Connect'.
  • The terminal display shows the last 25 lines only, but internally, the last 1024 lines at any point are retained. Click the 'Snapshot' button under the terminal display to open these lines in a new browser window.
  • PC 'mother board' serial port connections may not support baud rates greater than 115220 baud. Try using a USB serial port adapter instead.
Known issues
Clicking 'Disconnect' while a 'Send File' operation is in progress may cause the next 'Connect' operation to stop receiving characters. This is a known API issue. Clear this error using the browser  ↻  button and reconnect.
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