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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

AntiLog and AntiLogPro frequently asked questions

"I have existing single channel units. Can I upgrade them to dual channel?"

Yes you can and for free. You will need to upgrade the firmware on your units to the latest dual channel release. Please visit the upgrades section on this website which explains how to do this.

"Can I send initialisation commands to my equipment during a recording session?"

Yes you can. You can for example poll equipment with a user command at a user defined rate. This is useful if you need to issue a read request to equipment such as a power meter so that you can log the output. In addition, you can configure AntiLog so that a push on the 'On' or 'Off' buttons during record also transmits independent user defined commands attached to each.

If you need to send just one initialisation command to your equipment at the start of a logging session, you can do this and even specify a delay from the start of the logging session to determine when this user defined command will be issued.

"I have a complex data source that has binary and ASCII embedded in it. What format does AntiLog use to record the data?"

Antilog never 'formats' incoming data. What you play back can be exactly what you recorded so there are no 'formatting issues' to contend with. In fact, if you play back the data from AntiLog, the serial data stream will look like it is coming out of the original equipment.

"I note that your AntiLog product supports two hardware serial ports but there is only one connector on the end. How can it record from two RS232 data sources at the same time?"

All AntiLog hardware (from REV C onward) can support two serial ports in hardware (referred to as the Primary and Secondary serial ports). The user can configure a unit to use the RTS/CTS lines on the port connector as the second serial port Rx/Tx lines.

AntiLog V9.2b firmware can indeed record and play back from the two serial ports at the same time using the two built in logging channels. You assign hardware ports to the channels with the menu system and you can even play back data in real time from both serial ports. It's just like having two single channel units in a single box. Upgrades to the latest firmware release are discussed here.

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