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WxWatch product overview


WxWatch was our proven APT Weather Satellite image processing system which gave excellent results even under demanding conditions. The system was robust and was installed for use on Royal Navy warships. It was often operated for extended periods without operator assistance. The package was designed to run under a high performance 32 bit preemptive multitasking operating system and could run image processing, satellite prediction, satellite scheduling, image capture, system administration and GPS position decode simultaneously without effecting overall system performance.

[Compressed WxWatch screen]

The user interface was tailored to provide simple yet truly powerful control over all functions. It was amazingly simple for example to add and edit colour meteorological symbols, texts and weather fronts to an image on screen. It was also extremely easy to ask the system to perform automated operations.

[Compressed WxWatch control screen]

Full image reprojection was provided as standard together with other display options for overlay maps, gridding and user position. Symbols and text could be geolocated which meant that reprojected images displayed the symbology in the correct geographic locations on screen.

There was also an ARexx scripting language provided as standard allowing custom functionality and/or remote control of the whole package, even from another system.

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